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*This course is completely in English*
In recent years, graffiti, the art of the street, has blossomed into an accepted art form with a great impact on popular culture, fashion and (graphic) design. The original starting points of the “tag” (your graffiti name) and the “piece” (applying the elaborate design of such a name, using spray cans), are increasingly supported and expanded upon by use of stencils, stickers, posters, collage, paint brushes and latex rollers. The graffiti writer has become a street artist who will no longer be categorized. The choice of materials has become much broader and these artists have infiltrated our lives to such a degree that their work is found in clubs, galleries, museums, magazines, and on tv.
The course
You have the possibility to try out different techniques like creating stencils, posters, using spray cans, or paint with brush and roller. You will develop your own logo, cartoon, name or another concept and will look for the material that best emphasizes your personal style. You will visit graffiti locations in Amsterdam where you will see how important the choice of location and material are for your street art. You will explore for yourself how your work can interact with public space and in the studio you will create work on paper. The end result will be a joint mural somewhere in the proximity of CREA.
Entry level
Everyone is welcome
Every week ends with presentations on Friday evening at 7 pm, where each course will show what they worked on that week. On Monday evening and Wednesday afternoon there will be a side programme.
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zomer 2018

start duur tijd
ma 16-07-2018 5 dagen 10:30-17:00
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Bas Coenegracht 150/225/299 617903
* Prijs voor: voltijd studenten/werknemers en afgestudeerden UvA of HvA/overigen.
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