Theatre Studioprintversie

*This course is completely in English*
This course invites you into the magical world of theatre! Always wanted to know what it is like to actually play a Shakespearean character? Or would you like to learn how to improvise without words? Or get more confident on stage telling a funny story? Would you rather experience expressing emotions in a theatrical manner? This week you can learn all of this.
The course 
You will learn basic acting skills and get acquainted with different styles and forms of theatre.  Every day you work around one aspect of theatrical expression: improvisation, how to play a character, movement and theatre, texts and storytelling. Each session starts with an extended voice and body warming up. After that you examine the theme of that day by doing several exercises on the floor. You will work both within the group as a whole, as in smaller groups. Towards the end of the day you work on small presentations. The session ends with a cooling down and moment of reflection.
Entry level
Everyone is welcome
Some days you will be asked to prepare something at home: e.g. learn some lines or prepare a short scene.

Every week ends with presentations on Friday evening at 7 pm, where each course will show what they worked on that week. On Monday evening and Wednesday afternoon there will be a side programme.
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zomer 2018

start duur tijd
ma 13-08-2018 5 dagen 10:30-17:00
docent prijs* cursusnummer
Maruja Bobo Remijn 150/225/299 517911
* Prijs voor: voltijd studenten/werknemers en afgestudeerden UvA of HvA/overigen.
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