*This course is completely in English*
Afromix is a mix of different (African) styles of dance and music. The basis is African dance: great, earthbound, intensive and exhilarating movements. The secret is to let everything go and at the same time to master the independent movement of the upper and lower part of the body. Within the style you can add your own twist to it: let go, give yourself, surrender to the dance and become one with the music. It is energetic and the most important thing is to enjoy it!
The course
Each morning you start with a solid warming-up to loosen up the muscles and to get into your body. This is a good preparation to making long, tight moves to the tempo of the music. You dance barefoot to be in touch with the floor that you dance upon.
From this basis, you continue to explore different styles of music, like Afrobeat, Dancehall and Dubstep. You work on different choreographies and rhythms. In-between there will be time to exchange massage, if people feel the need.
Entry level
Everyone is welcome. It is an intensive course, but the level has a gradual buildup, and everyone can participate at their own level.
Bring comfortable clothing and a bottle of water.

Every week ends with presentations on Friday evening at 7 pm, where each course will show what they worked on that week. On Monday evening and Wednesday afternoon there will be a side programme.
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zomer 2018

start duur tijd
ma 09-07-2018 5 dagen 10:30-17:00
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Avalon Brown 150/225/299 417901
* Prijs voor: voltijd studenten/werknemers en afgestudeerden UvA of HvA/overigen.
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