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*This course is completely in English*
The voice is an instrument that everyone carries with them. It is expressive and personal. But you need more than just your voice to sing. You also need your body, your thoughts and your focus. When singing in a group, more energy will be released and this way you can playfully discover your voice.
What do you do?
Each day begins with a warming-up to loosen up your voice.
You will learn to develop your voice by learning about breath support, resonance, placement, relaxation and sense of freedom. You will also work on lyrical delivery, polyphonic singing and stage presence. At the end of the week, you will be more daring and more at home while singing, alone and together.
Each week will be different, depending on the approach of the particular teacher. The singing teachers at CREA work with a repertoire that matches their own expertise.
Renee is a singer-songwriter who combines pop-music with cabaret and chanson. In her classes the focus is on singing technique, interpretation and stage presentation.
Nicoline focuses on the whole body while singing. She mainly sings jazz and world music.
Jolien works with a wide-ranging pop repertoire.
Entry level
Everyone is welcome.
Every week ends with presentations on Friday evening at 7 pm, where each course will show what they worked on that week. On Monday evening and Wednesday afternoon there will be a side programme.
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zomer 2018

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ma 23-07-2018 5 dagen 10:30-17:00
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Nicoline Snaas 150/225/299 217908
* Prijs voor: voltijd studenten/werknemers en afgestudeerden UvA of HvA/overigen.
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