Photography Studioprintversie

*This course is completely in English*

When you’re new at photography, the possibilities of your camera can be overwhelming. The only way to understand all the buttons is by getting started.
The course
You will learn about the basics of photography: light, exposure time, aperture, ISO, motion blur, depth of field, flash and composition. Every day you will get inspiration, information and assignments to learn how to use all those buttons properly. You discuss why a photo is good or bad: what works? And you learn the basics of image editing in Photoshop: how do you save a photo, how do you correct the color, contrast etc.
Next to that, you learn about the different aspects of travel-, landscape and portrait photography. Every day, the assignments you get will be in one of these genres. At the end of the day you will discuss the results with the rest of the group.
Depending on the expertise and experience of the teacher, every week will be different. Marc teaches the beginners courses at CREA and developed his own technique to capture his surroundings.
Karijn is a documentary photographer and tells visual stories.
Sander teaches the beginners courses at CREA and mainly focuses on portrait, reportage, studio and night photography.
Entry level
You don’t need to know anything about photography. You will need a DSLR camera or a compact camera that has the possibility to adjust the aperture and shutter speed.

For this course, you need a SLR camera or a compact camera that allows you to change aperture, shutter speed and ISO values by hand. You also will need a bike to get around the city this week.
Every week ends with presentations on Friday evening at 7 pm, where each course will show what they worked on that week. On Monday evening and Wednesday afternoon there will be a side programme.
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zomer 2018

start duur tijd
ma 23-07-2018 5 dagen 10:30-17:00
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Karijn Kakebeeke 150/225/299 117903
* Prijs voor: voltijd studenten/werknemers en afgestudeerden UvA of HvA/overigen.
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