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About the course
All professional writers get asked the question 'Where do you get your ideas from?' In this week we’ll be drafting and developing ideas; learning to read as a writer, establishing good writing habits; and fleshing out concepts through titles and outlines. We’ll also be creating convincing characters that will excite readers. We'll build a character, discuss successful characters, brainstorm how to develop your characters, and think about how character and plot interact - an issue that lies at the very heart of a strong narrative. We'll talk about what makes a page-turner rather than a series of events, introduce you to the idea of archetypal plots, and look at the roles of pacing, hooks and conflict. Writing a novel means making a series of decisions about things like structure, point of view, genre, setting, time and place. We'll look at what the implications of these choices might be for your first novel.

Admission level
Everyone is welcome.

Every summer weekends with a presentation on Friday evening, where all participants – actors, musicians, writers and painters – will perform. Make sure you’re available this evening!

This course will be in English.
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