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When you read a diary entry, a page from an autobiography or a piece of fiction written in the first person, you can usually tell the difference, but what are the characteristics of the various genres? How does a beginning writer take his written thoughts to the next step, which is communicating with a larger audience?
The focus of this week will be to create and develop a personal story. Beginning writers get help to overcome any prohibitive distance between their self and their narrator.

The course
In this course you will develop a sketch of a personal experience, i.e. a poem, a scribble on the back of a napkin, a diary entry or simply a thought and transform it into an autobiographical piece of writing or fiction that reflects your - the author''s -  own distinct voice.
You get assignments that take you step by step through the writing process. Writing takes place during the course hours, but you might want to do some work in the evening too.

Admission level

Everyone is welcome.


This course will be in English.

Every week ends with a presentation on Friday evening. Every course (theatre, writing, dance, photography ec) will present what they have worked on this week. Firstly for the other summer participants, if there’s enough space, it might be possible to invite people. We start at 7 PM. Make sure you can attend this evening, you don’t want to miss it!


On Monday evening you can stay after the course for dinner. On Wednesday afternoon, you can choose from several short workshops to try out something new. All these activties are not required. For more information, look at the left column under the courses on the summer course tab.