Indesign - creating an interactive PDF Magazineprintversie

Would you like to know how to combine images, text and media professionally and in a way that catches people’s attention? Have you got interests, passions or knowledge that you’d like to share?
There is a surge towards digital editions of popular magazine titles and Adobe InDesign is the program allowing designers to produce interactive content for media platforms.

The course

You will learn the basics for using the industry standard desktop publishing software Adobe InDesign as you design and produce an interactive PDF magazine. Along with understanding the program, you will also learn some fundamental design principles that you can use when putting together magazine spreads.

Maybe you have some ideas already for content or you’d just love to have the skills to produce eye-catching layouts for publishing.  You don’t have to be artistic or have design experience for this course so everyone is welcome to sign up.


Everyone is welcome.

You will work on an iMac. You need to know how to operate this computer. Any knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite is welcome, but not necassary.

This course will be in English.


Every week ends with a presentation on Friday evening. Every course (theatre, writing, dance, photography ec) will present what they have worked on this week. Firstly for the other summer participants, if there’s enough space, it might be possible to invite people. We start at 7 PM. Make sure you can attend this evening, you don’t want to miss it!


On Monday evening you can stay after the course for dinner. On Wednesday afternoon, you can choose from several short workshops to try out something new. All these activties are not required. For more information, look at the left column under the courses on the summer course tab.