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Concerts, parties and lectures

The music hall is a big hall with a wooden floor and an internal bar. It is ideal for concerts, parties and conferences. You can determine the setting of the hall yourself. We have technical support and there are catering options in-house.

Rental conditions

The music hall is for rent on:
  • Monday - Wednesday: 11:00 - 17:00 hrs
  • Thursday - Saturday: 11.00 -3.00 hrs
  • Sunday: 11:00 - 17:00 hrs

  • From April to June, it’s only possible for students to rent the music hall.
  • From September to March, others can rent the music hall as well. However, others can rent the theatre not earlier than two months in advance.
  • In July and August, the music hall is closed and cannot be rented.

Prices for students

  • Lectures, debates: € 250,- (ex. 21% VAT) per evening.
  • Theatre shows and similar activities: € 350,- (ex. 21% VAT) for the first day, € 250,- (ex. 21% VAT) for following days. When you play two shows a day you pay 50% of the day price for the second performance.
  • Beamer: € 35,- (ex 21% VAT).


Please contact us by e-mail or phone to inquire about the price of the music hall.


CREA is located at a car-free terrain. Loading and unloading is only possible after consultation.


The renter takes care of his own promotion material. Posters and flyers can be distributed in the CREA building after consultation. CREA will pronounce the activity, after consultation, in the CREA monthly brochure and on the CREA website. For further information about publicity, please contact:

Coordination and ticket sales

The renter takes care of the coordination and ticket sales himself. When entrance fees for the visitors apply, reservations can be made trough CREA after consultation.

Technical details

100 seating places in rows.
160 standing places.

Several combinations of chairs, high tables and standing places possible.

Venuel: 17 x 10 meters.
The stage can be built in various heights and sizes.
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More information and rental:

See technical specifications (PDF, in Dutch):
Technical specifications CREA Muziekzaal