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Theater rental and information:

Price Students

Student and studentorganizations can rent our theatre for prices as low as €100,- ex VAT! Please fill out this form and/or email for a quotation for your event.

Price Others

Please fill out this form and/or email for a quotation for your event.


CREA is located on a car-free terrain. Loading and unloading is only possible after consultation.


The renter takes care of his own promotionmaterial. Posters and flyers can be distributed in the CREA building after consultation. Moreover, CREA will pronounce the activity, after the delivery of your copy, in the CREA monthly brochure and on the CREA website. If you want more information about publicity, please contact us:

Coordination and ticket sales

The renter takes care of the coordination and ticket sales himself. When you have made up a entrance fee for the visitors, reservations can be made after consultation with CREA.
Please, contact us to inquire about the price of the CREA Theater.

Opening hours CREA Theater

Monday - Saturday from 11:00 till 23:00 hr,
Sunday from 11:00 till 17:00 hr.

Users must leave the CREA building on 23:00 hr (Mon-Sat) or on 17:00 hr (Sun) at the lastest.

Lighting CREA Theater

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Technical details

Size play area: 10 meters wide and 10 meters deep. Height is 5 meters under the bridge.
Floor: black dance vinyl
Number of seats: 120

See technical specifications (PDF, in Dutch):
Terms & Conditions CREA Theater
Technical specifications CREA Theater