• CREA rents out studios for practicing the arts. It is not allowed to book studios for meetings, trainings etc. or for courses which are not organised by CREA.
  • Studios can only be booked for full hours, and on whole hours.
  • In exceptional circumstances it is possible that CREA needs to cancel or change your booking. When this happens CREA will of course contact you beforehand.
  • It is for CREA to decide whether a studio is suitable for its intended use. You can find information about the suitability of studios in the studio information.
  • Bookings for special occasions can only be done through the CREA administration office:

House rules

Eating is not permitted in the CREA studios or in the CREA Theater.
  • Drinks can only be brought up to the rooms in paper cups, which are available in CREA Café. It is NOT allowed to bring these cups to a performance in the CREA Theater.
  • It is not permitted to take food, cups, glasses or plates from CREA Café to other parts of the CREA building.
  • CREA is not equipped to host rehearsals which involve drums and percussion.
  • You're not allowed to change the interior of the studios without permission from the CREA reception or management.
  • CREA is not liable for theft or loss of property in the CREA building.
  • You participate in CREA activities and use CREA facilities at your own risk.
  • Announcements (flyers, posters, notes etc.) are only to be placed by CREA and other organisations housed in the CREA building.
  • Found items will be kept for two weeks at the CREA desk; after that period they will be thrown away.
  • Bicycles and pets cannot be brought into the building.
  • Smoking is not permitted in the CREA buildings.
  • Instructions by CREA personnel must be followed.
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