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CREA is the cultural organization of the University of Amsterdam (UvA) and the Amsterdam School of Higher Education (HvA). We organize a wide range of cultural activities and support students wherever we can.

Classes and workshops

CREA organizes classes and workshops in the field of theatre, music, dance, visual arts, video, photography and literature. Some of these are organised especially for non Dutch speakers - you can read here about our international courses. Some of our courses are not specifically for international students but are available nonetheless, like dance classes. Ask about them at our course administration.

Cultural program

CREA organises and hosts lectures, debates, theatre and dance performances, concerts and exhibitions. Usually we organise our evenings together with student organisations. In our agenda we announce all our evenings which are English spoken in English. In our newsmail we include a section with English announcements of an even a wider selection of evenings which can be visitied by non Dutch speakers. You can join our mailing list by entering your email adress here and clicking the 'inschrijven' button ('enrolment').


CREA has a theater (CREA Theater), a café (CREA Café), a hall for presentations and parties (CREA Muziekzaal) and a large number of studios in different sizes for all sorts of activities. When they are not used by CREA these facilities can be rented - check our Studios section for more information.


CREA holds the right at any time to cancel already publicize programs. Accidental (typing) errors in our communications can be no ground for claims concerning activities or prices.
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