Hunger Amidst plenty: Understanding the Global Food Crisis - i.s.m. XminYprintversie

maandag 13 oktober 20.00 uur

Eerste avond in de reeks Real World Economics.
Speakers: Max Merbis (Centre for World Food Studies, SOW-VU), Gudrun Muller (Foodfirst Information and Action Network, FIAN) and Roel Jongeneel (Agricultural Economics and Rural Policy Group, University of Wageningen).

The recent rise in world food prices and the sudden scarcity of available food for many poor people in the developing world has taken many economists and academics working in this area by surprise. In a world characterized by a potentially abundant supply of food and in a year of reasonably good harvests, why have we seen scenes that remind us of a tragic past of hunger and destitution in so many developing countries?
The first session of the "Real World Economics" debates addresses precisely this question by analyzing the contradictions of a world facing "Hunger amidst plenty". Academics and activists will discuss both the underlying causes and the policies that governments and international organisations are proposing to deal with the ongoing crisis. English spoken.

CREA Theater, Turfdraagsterpad 17, 1012 XT Amsterdam.

gratis voor studenten en medewerkers UvA/ € 5,- alle anderen. Reserveren niet mogelijk. Kaarten verkrijgbaar aan de balie vanaf 19.00 uur.

020 - 525 1420

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