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This course is in English. Some of the courses in Dutch are also accessible for non-Dutchies. For more info check the specific course you’re interested in.

Do you want to meet inspiring, experienced laptop-dj's, producers, artists and singer-songwriters? Do you want to learn to shape your own productions in a more effective way? Are you considering a formal education in the field of music production, and could you use some support? Then this course is something for you.
The course
In the advanced international course we take an in depth look at the process of music production. You will gain a deeper and extended understanding of all technicalities that exist in electronic music production. You will get necessary insight in the “network that the process of music production is” in order to link the level of the single sound or beat in your production and the level of your whole song. Music analysis is part of the meetings in order to develop your own signature or vision.

Course subjects:
- Developing a working groove at the level of a complete song/production;
- Integrating sound-synthesis and beat-production;
- Equalizing and (multiband) compressing;
- Creating sounds through synthesis (part 2);
- Sampling (recording) and the usage of concrete sound sources;
- Live electronics on stage;
- Working with Space;
- Sound coloring ;
- In depth mixing;
- Mastering;
- Understanding and developing your own creative process;
- Analysis of tracks and contemporary, cutting edge compositions in order to understand form and style elements and from there on develop own ideas in a atelier work form.
There is always time to learn about specific subjects that you are personally interested in.
Next to the explanation of the teacher of all the course subjects, large parts of the meetings consist of hands-on working with the software. Of course with the possibility to get feedback from the teacher and your fellows!
Part of the meetings will be set-up in atelier/workshop form in which you and your fellows, based on the knowledge which is provided by the teacher, discuss and try to develop, experiment and share personal interpretations on how this knowledge can be creatively used in a new way or personal way.

Entry level
This course is intended for people who have already finished the international course Electronic Music Production I.

The software Ableton Live had been acquired by CREA and can be used in the classroom.
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** You can not enrol in a course which has already started.

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