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The voice is the instrument we all have. It is expressive and personal. It involves the physical expression of thought and emotion and translates that into sound.

Often people think that the ability to sing comes naturally and that it is not something that can be learned. Of course people’s innate musicality and talent may vary, but it is definitely possible to develop one’s voice with practice, exercise, and by diving seriously into the art of singing.

The course
With some understanding of breath support, resonance, placement, relaxation, and sense of freedom, you can develop your voice, develop the ear, rhythm and learn to sing in a healthy way while expanding one’s range, volume and dynamics. In short, singing can be an intensely rewarding musical experience.

The goal is to cover some basic singing technique, breathe control, formation and placement of sound and tone, diction and expression and then practice this newly acquired knowledge and skill through songs.
The repertoire will be varied from simple unison songs or canons to international folk, classical and jazz.

Entrance Requirements
This course is intended for people who have already finished the course Group Singing I or Zang basis.
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Spring 2018

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start date duration time
14-02-2018 15 weeks Wed 19:00-20:30
teacher cost* course no.
Jodi Gilbert 68/102/136 817112
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