Film II: Documentary and fictionprintversie

This workshop is English-spoken and designed for Dutch and international students who wish to learn more on documentary filmmaking, improving on the knowledge and basic skills that were taught in Film I.

Topics covered include advanced storytelling, visualization, preproduction, interviewing, camera, lighting, sound and editing.

The course is divided into 5 blocks of 3 weeks:

* Block 1: Idea development, writing for documentary

* Block 2: Visual style and shooting techniques in preproduction

* Block 3: Interview

* Block 4: Shooting projects in small groups

* Block 5: Editing

The course is based on collaboration with the other students in the course. You are expected to develop an original project and crew for other people in the group so we can shoot the documentaries in small groups between meetings.

Be sure that you will not need to miss more than one lesson during the semester and that

during block 4 you have time outside of the meetings to shoot. Otherwise you will not be able to give and get the support to make it happen. This is a workshop; you learn from doing.


This course is only admissible for students, who have completed a previous CREAFilm course. No exceptions.


Students are encouraged to come up with a film idea before the course. If you have an idea for a project you would like to work on during the course, you should email it to

Final Screening

There will be a final screening of work during the Made in ©REA week.
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** You can not enrol in a course which has already started.

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