Playing percussion (drums) has something magical and gives a lot of energy and satisfaction. Playing rhythms, done in groups, and the synchronicity of sound, energy and movement brings many people into ecstasy.

Percussion is also a collective name for all the material which is rhythmically played. Think of various hand-played drums like the djembe, the darbuka and the conga. But rattles, gongs, graters, shakers and cymbals belong to percussion too.

The course

We play percussion instruments from around the world: the cajon (Spain) the darbuka (Turkey, the Middle East and North Africa), the djembé and doundoun (West Africa) and all kinds of hand percussion from Brazil.

In a playfull way you learn various (traditional) rhythms, hand and sticks technique, coordination, timing, play intention, and very handy: how to write down a rhythm. In the last few lessons we’ll applicate our rhythms.

How would it be, for example, to accompany a mask dance or harvest ritual on djembé, or a melodramatic gypsy band accompanied by darbukas? Or will it be a sound journey from the North to the South Pole? One thing is certain, it is varied and festive!

Entrance requirements

Everyone is welcome.


CREA has sufficient instruments. Unfortunately you can not borrow or lent instruments from CREA. We advise you to arrange a drum to be able to practice at home. Look at or


The course ends up in a stunning performance at the CREA Theater on Sunday, May 8 2016
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