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Have you ever wanted to make a film? In this course you will learn all the basics you need to know: you will write, shoot, direct, use the camera and lights, and edit two of your own short films.

This course covers elements of fiction filmmaking such as screenwriting, acting and directing, and concepts of documentary filmmaking.

How do you put ideas into images? This course deals both with the practical elements of filmmaking (how does this camera work?) and the basics of storytelling for film (where do I put my camera?). You will learn about framing, working as a crew, making a mise-en-scène and a decoupage (why do I put my camera there?).

Students will work with digital camcorders on short exercises and will learn how to operate our non-linear editing sets. The course will be completed with an individual project.

Final Screening

There will be a final screening of work in the CREA Theater on June 5, 2016.

Entrance Requirements



During the course, you can use the equipment that is present at CREA. We use digital camera's and edit with Adobe Premiere Pro.

You will work with camera's that need SDHD memory cards. You can use the camera's outside the actual course itself. You need to provide your own memory card to store your footage.

Use a memory card with minimal class 4. The higher the class, the easier it is to transfer the film.

At the beginning of each class every student gets a pass with a bar code which allows him or her to use video equipment.
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