Drawing and working with clayprintversie

How does a painter look at his object and how a sculptor? What are the differences and what the similarities?

This workshop is a perfect introduction for beginners, as well as being an enjoyably intensive opportunity for those who would like to employ their current technique in a structured environment. Depending on the preference of the course member one can work 2- or 3-dimensional.

You will work with different materials such as charcoal, chalk, paint, clay, wax, and combinations of these mediums.

Each student will be enabled to develop the creative process in line with their own personal vision. Throughout this course, subject matter will be varied and include a life model two times.

Entrance Requirements

All levels are welcome


The basic materials are included in the course fee. The contribution for the life models is not. This contribution must be paid in the first class meeting.
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** You can not enrol in a course which has already started.

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