CREA Culture

CREA is the cultural organization of the UvA and the HvA. We organize a wide range of cultural activities and support students wherever we can.

Cultural program
We organise theatre and dance performances, concerts and exhibitions. Every Thursday we have a cultural evening where students can perform: our monthly features Plug & Play, where new bands take centre stage, CREA open mike and CREA Classical music, an evening for classical (student) musicians. In our agenda we announce all our evenings which are English spoken in English.

Student support
CREA supports many cultural student undertakings, such as the Amsterdam Student Festival, Stukafest and manages the student centre of the UvA and the HvA. If you have a project or just an idea, CREA can support you in many ways. For instance, you can apply for financial support at our CREA Fund, or you can rent our studios at low prices.
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