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legalization of racism

Speaker Hanin Zoabi is a Palestinian citizen of Israel and a member of the Knesset (Israeli parliament) since 2009. Today she serves as a representative of the Palestinian Joint List. In her parliamentarian work, Zoabi is regularly confronted with issues of racism and structural, institutionalized discrimination against Palestinian citizens of Israel within national legislation.

In her lecture 'The Legal System in Israel: Legalization of Racism', she will analyse the political and legal situation of Palestinian citizens of the state of Israel, as a test case for Israeli apartheid.

Organization:Palestine Link and Gate48.

Ms. Zoabi is in the Netherlands by invitation of the "Platform Stop Racisme en Uitsluiting". Ms. Zoabi is one of the speakers in the commemoration ceremony for the " Kristallnacht" which will take place in Amsterdam on the 8th of November.

Location: CREA Theatre
Admission: students free | others € 5

November 2015