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sustainable urban food production - UvA green office

In times of climate change, soil damage and excessive water use coupled with an unprecedented population growth, food security has become one of the most pressing topics. Especially for cities and urban hubs sustainable food production is more important than ever nowadays. The event intends to offer a platform to discuss what has happened and lays ahead for sustainable urban food production. We are pleased to welcome researchers and companies from different areas of the industry alike to engage with us and each other in an inspiring afternoon and lay out a path for the future.

UvA Green Office - Officially incorporated into the University of Amsterdam in 2016, the Green Office has expanded to include four portfolio pillars: Community, Campus, Research, and Communications. Each portfolio is student run and managed making the Green Office the leader in sustainability research and implementation at the UvA.The Green Office aims to consult, innovate, and connect our way to a greener university.

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juni 2018

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