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the price of sugar (hoe duur was de suiker) - dutch film for beginners

Every month CREA and ISN show a Dutch film with English subtitles.
Hoe Duur was de Suiker (the Price of Sugar) is a movie about slavery in former Dutch colony Suriname. The movie is based on a novel by Cynthia McLeod and tells the alternately gripping, romantic and heart-wrenching story of Sarith and Mini-Mini as they grow up on a sugar plantation in the eighteenth century. Where Sarith is considered the most beautiful woman in the colony and behaves accordingly, the mulatto Mini-Mini is forever in her shadow, a slave to her own half-sister. She, the woman in the shadow, tells us about the real price of the sugar...

Locatie: CREA theater
Toegang: studenten gratis | overigen € 5

april 2018

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