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sound of Iran - navja ensemble

Humans are born of love and only survive if they always love

Sound of Iran performance has two parts

First part: parts of Siawash opera.
The story of Shahname by Ferdowsi (traditional epic poet). It's about the Queen who falls in love with her stepson and ...

Second part: It's combination of a contemporary poem with contemporary music that uses Persian traditional materials. The poets are Ahmad Shamloo, Shaghayegh Bagheri and Nina Samiei.

Description of Ensemble: Najva Ensemble is contemporary music ensemble from Iran. The main members are Homa Samiei, as a composer and pianist, and Shaghayegh Bagheri as a vocalist and poet. Sometimes other musicians are invited to join them in their Album or performance. The last performance was in Budapest with some of the Budapest radio orchestra musicians.

Album and videos links:

Locatie: CREA muziekzaal
Toegang: studenten € 10 | overigen € 20
Reserveren: 0205251414

maart 2018

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