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screening: the foxy five

This web series follows the adventures of the white- supremacist-capitalist-patriarchy smashing group of 5 young womxn from Cape Town -The Foxy Five. Each womxn represents a different struggle and set of ideals within feminism. Despite their ideological differences and the clashes they often cause, the womxn are a tight-nit sisterhood that always manage to band together in overcoming The Man.

The creator, writer and director - Jabu Nadia Newman - was particularly inspired during the #FeesMustFall protests. Jabu had a desire to combine the new concepts and ideas she learned into a fictional web-series, which culminated into The Foxy Five.

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Locatie: CREA theater
Toegang: studenten gratis | overigen € 5

november 2017

[31-10-17] 1411_foxy_five2.jpg
[31-10-17] 1411_foxy_five.jpg