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audition show dutch cast - IMPRO amsterdam 2018

Impro theatre is a popular, spontaneous theatrical form which relies on characters, plotlines and dialogue being created on the spot. With storylines developed with the assistance of the audience, each performance is sure to be original with hilarious interjections and moments of comedic gold.

However, such performances require wit and cunning beyond that of a script. That is why each year IMPRO Amsterdam invites the best impro actors from all over the world to showcase their talent. But what would IMPRO Amsterdam be without some awesomely skilled Dutch performers? In this amazing show the stage will be filled with brave Dutch improvisers, all of whom want a spot on the main stage of our beloved festival. Who will remain standing?

Locatie: CREA theater
Toegang: studenten € 9 | overigen € 9

september 2017

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