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macbeth - AUC onstage

Macbeth is a musical thriller devised to take your breath away in fear, delight and awe. With modern music, new dialogue, a dance crew, a choir and a band Macbeth has been reimagined for the 21st century. What did Shakespeare think when he let supernatural witches meddle with the lives of ordinary Scots? And who gets the blame for all the blood spilled?

Amsterdam University College houses an international and multi-talented student body. Its theatre committee, OnStage, is growing quickly and establishing a tradition of insightful, high-quality performances. With over 30 performers and 10 creativesMacbeth is the most ambitious production in OnStage's history.

Tickets €5 - available through Facebook one week in advance or at the door.

Locatie: CREA theater
Toegang: studenten € 5 | overigen € 5

maart 2017

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