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the great apricot road

In this session of Screening Politics, we will be showing "The Great Apricot Road: An Obstacle Race through Central Asia" (2012), a documentary film made by Alexandra Vasileva, UvA PhD student. The movie is about chances and challenges of trade in one of the poorest regions of the world - Central Asia.

The 20-minute documentary is followed by a panel discussion to critically reflect on the themes raised in the movie: what are the implications of international trade on development? What role does Western development aid play? Last but not least, we will discuss documentary film-making as a means of social scientific field research.

Introduced by Dr. Daniel Mügge (UvA, Political Science).
Followed by a discussion with Dr. Julie McBrien (UvA, Anthropology), Yulia Poskakukhina (UvA, Political Science) and Alexandra Vasileva (UvA, Political Science).

Locatie: CREA theater
Toegang: studenten gratis | overigen € 5

november 2015

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